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Fuck You, Penguin

this is from here..."A blog where I tell cute animals what's what."

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i wish this was me, except the getting caught part

Woman hides monkey under shirt during flight, convicted

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — A Spokane woman who hid a sedated monkey under her blouse on a flight from Thailand to Los Angeles — pretending she was pregnant — has been convicted of smuggling charges.

Gypsy Lawson, 29, successfully passed through U.S. Customs in Los Angeles with the rhesus monkey hidden in her shirt after the November 2007 trip.

Her mother, Fran Ogren, 55, of Northport, Wash., accompanied her on the flight from Bangkok and was also convicted.

A jury found the two women guilty Monday on separate charges of conspiracy and smuggling goods into the United States. Sentencing is set for March 3.

They were arrested after Lawson boasted to a clothing store clerk about the airport escapade.

The monkey is now at a primate rescue facility in Oregon.

Monday, December 8, 2008

people are tired of being lied to

from travel

People are forfeiting the great American vacation because they can’t stomach the travel industry’s lies anymore. Take the airlines, which earlier this year imposed a series of new surcharges in response, they said, to higher fuel costs. When fuel prices fell, what happened to the fees? They stuck around. “Jet fuel prices have gone from over $140 per barrel in August to under $50 in November, but airfares in October were actually up 10 percent,” says Chicke Fitzgerald, the chief executive of, a site for road trips. “Americans are definitely voting on that trend with their wallets.” How so? By either vacationing close to home, or just staying home altogether.


one of my morbid fascinations

Sunny von Bulow dies after 28 years in coma

NEW YORK (CNN) -- After spending nearly 28 years in an irreversible coma, heiress and socialite Martha "Sunny" von Bulow died Saturday in a New York nursing home, according to a family statement. She was 76.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

swedish dance bands from the 70's

this is just a here for more awesomeness.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Feel Good Message: Charlie Brown and his friends put on a play about the holiday, but get so overwhelmed with the commercialization that it takes a speech from the Bible to make them remember what Christmas is really supposed to be about.

The True Meaning: Clearly since they are doing a Nativity play for school, they've yet to learn about the separation of church and state. There are really vicious kids who torture Charlie Brown and make fun of him and his tree. Then it takes a really trippy turn when dancing (and possibly some spiked egg nog) helps the kids as they join hands around a shabby tree with the help of a humanistic dog and create a beautiful holiday display. It's like one big twisted mass hallucination.