Thursday, March 5, 2009

almost live blogging during idol wildcard

* tish doesn't like what the first girl is wearing. i just plain don't like the first girl. acting sexy doesn't make you sexy

* i'm not a fan of the over-the-top runs but dualing piano guy is killin' it!

* black horse and the cherry tree is the "jamsiest" song around. i guess...

* i hope to be myself too, von. BEGINNING to become boring? nuh uh. always has been. ok, buh bye von.

* if all these contestants were able to pick the "right" song this time, why didn't they pick that song the first time?

* ricky braddy is very very good. but every time i hear his name i think of ricky bobby and the pre-meal prayers to baby jesus.

* self-indulgent is the new pitchy

* i'm DREADING seeing tatiana. GO A-FUCKING-WAY. ENOUGH. seriously, PLEASE.

* this show is monumentally better when i can fast forward thru the commercials and the judges' bullshite

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