Tuesday, March 3, 2009

live blogging during american idol

* i hate the judges and how ryan introduces them every single episode

* von is white and nerdy and i can't believe the judges liked his performance

* my sushi is delicious even though they charged me $1 for salad dressing

* what's with the rubber leggings?

* i don't get the shopping thing either, simon

* why do they keep letting super young people thru and then say they're too young to know what they're doing? a lot of these kids would do better if they waited a few years...

* the dorky kid has a good voice but come on. total dork. i don't like how he's doing that growly voice thing during an elton john song. he's all over the place. the judges just ripped him a new one. i think they let him thru just so they could do that. a'holes.

* abba? really? wow, that girl f'd up that song bad. even though she was "cute as a button". what does a 16 year old know about making an abba song contemporary?

* when i see commercials for nexxus dualiste, it makes me think of zoolander and derelicte

* ju'not joiner is good...i can tell who he'd be as an artist and he's making it his own (i could be an idol judge). but i don't get that delilah song, what's the big whoop?

* nathaniel needs some tough love and a shrink but he gets HUGE points for singing meatloaf. his voice was way less queeny than he is.

* damn, this show moves so fucking slowly

* oh jeez. blind dude. does he get automatic sympathy votes? ooh, now i'm the a'hole.
still, he has an afromullet that he probably doesn't even know he has cuz he can't see it and his song is boring me to tears. but he's nice

* i didn't realize how much i worship my DVR...commercials are boooorrrrinnnnggggg and there are sooooooo manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy of themmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

* nice jorge, nice one baby

* final thoughts:
von's gone
so is taylor
so is dorky guy
buh buy 16 yr old
i hope ju'not joiner stays
and that kristen two-tone hair goes
i'd like to see nathanial go thru, but it's not likely
who's felicia barton?
blind guy...just...blind guy
see ya country girl
yay jorge
yay lil rounds

* i will spare you from live blogging during bachelor after the final rose

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TheMediaDude said...

I haven't seen the show, but I have a feeling your blog was much more interesting!